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Crystal Theesfeld

Math Teacher

Education:  BS Electrical Engineering, BA Liberal Arts Bucknell University

Experience: 10 year Engineering Career, then Science and Math Instruction at Umpqua Community College and Cobb School, Oregon
I enjoy mountains and beaches. You may occasionally find me riding a bike, gardening or playing with my kids.  I love donuts and teaching math. What I like best about New Roots is the emphasis on offering a Experienced Based Education to our students and families. Students who discover the world around them for themselves and experience it with their own senses are engaged and interactive learners. 


Classes Teaching


This course is designed for high school students who are building foundation math skills to prepare them for success in taking the Algebra Regents in New York State for high school credit.  Developing a healthy and positive relationship with Math is a keystone goal of this course.  The class will review middle-school math topics such as fractions, integers, percent, ratios, proportions, and will extend learning into algebra topics such as solving equations and graphing lines.  Students will start the class in 1 of 3 Stages of material.  ALEKS is an online resource that students will also use; it works by targeting their personal skill building needs.  Students will work alone, and in groups, to support each other’s learning.  Daily practice and projects will be used in this course. Students who pass Stage 3 of this course will take Algebra the next year.