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Patrick Schweiger

Global Studies Teacher

I am an upstate New York native. I grew up in Elmira Heights, but moved to Ithaca in 2010 to attend SUNY Cortland, where I earned my Bachelors Degree in Adolescent Education in Social Studies and History. I began at New Roots Charter School as a student teacher in the spring of 2013, progressed into an expeditionary teacher role the following fall, and eventually into the global history and geography teacher in the winter of 2013 after I graduated from SUNY Cortland. I am very passionate about social studies and history, which my students can testy for. I enjoy studying the cultures of the world, past and present, and making connections between historical events and the current state of affairs. In a world that is shrinking due to globalization, it is important to learn about other cultures around the world and how actions in different parts of the world affect us.


Classes Teaching

Global Studies I: Prehistory to 1750

Global I is the first part of a two-year course that covers world history and geography. This course will discuss early humans, ancient civilizations, belief systems, golden ages, rise and fall of empires, and exploration. Students will be able to grasp the fundamental characteristics of humans and civilizations, as well as how people and their environments are interconnected. This course will also work in conjunction with Colleen Emond’s English I course as an interdisciplinary course, meaning that what you do in my class will connect with what you do in her class.


Global Studies II: 1750- Present

Global II- In Global II, we will cover modern world history. We will begin the year learning about events in European history that transitioned the way Europe viewed itself and the world: the Renaissance, Reformation, Scientific Revolution and Enlightenment. The change in mindset during these periods shaped the foundation of the modern world with revolutionary ideas about political, economic, and social systems. We will explore fascinating events, chronically for the most part, that have contributed to developing the modern world that we now live in. In our discovery we will try to draw parallels between what happened in the past and what is happening today. This course will also focus on preparing you for the NYS Global History and Geography Regents, which is a required exam toward your graduation


Other Classes Teaching

Humanities Expedition

Intended to support our first year interdisciplinary courses about early people, civilizations, beliefs systems and empires. We will be going out in the community most weeks during our expedition time, and the weeks we are not we will work on interdisciplinary projects. We also plan on attending the Johnson Art museum every other month to supplement student learning.

PE Team Sports

Each quarter we will spend 3-4 weeks learning the art of various team sports, including softball, ultimate Frisbee, soccer, football, basketball, and volleyball. You will be expected to demonstrate cooperation, good sportsmanship, encouragement, a positive attitude, the ability to communicate effectively, a willingness to try things that others are interested in, and an advocacy for your own interests. You will also be expected to show respect to yourself, your peers and your teacher(s), and to help maintain a safe environment.