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Paul Speight

Student Aid

Paul Speight is an entrepreneur, storyteller, environmental activist and artist!  Paul has co-owned and operated Turtle Dreams, a B&B/Tipi Campground  in Tompkins County since 2002 and was awarded the largest grant in the State for his Agri-tourism initiative. He has worked for Greenpeace in Canada and Australia on direct action campaigns and as a lobbyist. You can interact with some of Paul's visionary artwork on the Eric Kroot Art Trail at Lime Hollow Nature Center where he can be found during summer months running programs for campers. In early 2014 Paul gave a talk at the TedX Cortland event on how learning to play the Didgeridoo can improve your health. He has been happily married since 1998 and enjoys family time with his four children.

Link to TedX video: