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Pinky Chandra

Mathematics Teacher

I believe that students learn best when they are active participants in the discovery of ideas and are able to see relevancy of the content. I believe that mathematics is a tool for understanding one's world, and it holds a unique place as the facilitator of learning in almost every other field of study. Prior to joining New Roots, I taught math at a charter high school near Boston, MA, and in middle and high schools in Ithaca and surrounding school districts – Newfield, Dryden, Lansing, Trumansburg & Groton.

I completed my M.A.T. Adolescence Education - Mathematics program at Ithaca College, NY, and I am certified to teach grades 7-12 math in New York State and grades 5-12 math in Massachusetts. In addition, I have a M.P.S. degree in Learning, Teaching & Social Policy and a M.S. degree in Biostatistics from Cornell University, and a M.Sc. degree in Mathematics from India. Prior to pursuing my M.A.T. and math teaching certifications, I worked at Cornell University for 10 years at the Cornell Institute for Social and Economic Research. I served the Cornell social sciences research community as a statistical consultant, computer programmer, instructor, confidential data custodian and research collaborator. I taught workshops in statistical computer programming for statistical data analysis and supported Cornell faculty in research involving confidential census and survey data. I have co-authored six publications with Cornell faculty in peer-reviewed journals. These studies explored relationships between employment status, education, alcohol abuse, mental health, and family violence. Over the past few years as I have grown professionally and personally, I have come to realize that teaching in elementary and secondary schools where the foundation for the future of our children is laid, is one of the most rewarding work.  


Classes Teaching

Modeling for Sustainability (Alg2/Trig)

This course is a continuation of algebraic and geometric concepts developed in Algebra I and Geometry. Content standards for this course are based on the New York State Common Core Learning Standards for Algebra II. The course follows the Engage NY curriculum.

Pre-Calculus for College Credit

The course provides the algebraic foundation, from a function standpoint, for a standard calculus course. Topics include inverse functions and their graphs; exponential and logarithmic functions with applications; trigonometry with applications, vectors, matrices, conic sections, limits, derivatives, and basic integration.

Statistics for College Credit

A study of the application of statistical procedures to the analysis of experimental data. Topics covered include methods of presentation of data, measures of central tendency and dispersion, sampling techniques, elementary probability, hypothesis testing, confidence intervals on both one and two populations, and linear regression and correlation. Use of the binomial, the normal, the student's T, and the chi-square distributions are covered.

Calculus for College Credit

This is a first course in calculus. Topics include limits, continuity, derivatives and anti-derivatives of algebraic, trigonometric, logarithmic, and exponential functions, and the definite integral. Applications include curve sketching, optimization problems, and related rates.

Introduction to Coding

This course is for students brand new to programming and computer science. The course is taught using programming language Python. The students will learn the foundations of computer science and the basics of computer programming.