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Ronald Jones

Mathematics Teacher

I am originally from Michigan, but have lived in Ithaca for more than a dozen years. I grew up in a family of teachers, so of course, I had no intention of becoming a teacher.  At Albion College, I majored in Economics with an emphasis in accounting. After earning that degree I realized that I really did want to be a teacher, so I attended Eastern Michigan University to major in Mathematics and study teacher education. Because I still don’t know what I want to be if I grow up, I have worked in banking, video production, and many aspects of horticulture in addition to teaching in a variety of school settings.

When I’m not busy teaching or working in my landscape design and math tutoring small businesses, I like to travel, camp, hike, bake, juggle, and read mysteries and nonfiction. My life goals include traveling around the country living in an RV and finishing hiking the Appalachian Trail (1100 miles completed so far!). I am married and have two adult children, one on each coast.


Classes Teaching

Algebra 1
Algebra 1 is taught using the engageNY curriculum using the Common Core Regents Exam as the final exam.  The course covers solving and graphing equations and inequalities, descriptive statistics, linear and exponential functions, and eventually quadratics.
At New Roots, we also use the state’s engageNY math curriculum, and the course also culminates in a Regents Exam.  We begin the year with geometry basics of congruence, proofs, and constructions.  As the year progresses we study similarity, trigonometry, coordinate geometry, and the geometry of circles.  Throughout the year there is an emphasis on transformational geometry as well.
Business Math
Business Math is comprised of two half-year modules. The first semester is focused on consumer mathematics and financial literacy, and during the second semester we look at mathematics from the perspective of a business, including topics of discounts and markups, inventory, depreciation, and payroll. Along the way, we have a useful unit on personal income tax, during which the students may complete their own 1040 tax forms.