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Tanya Kingsley

Health and Wellness Teacher

Tanya Kingsley has been with New Roots Charter School since 2009. She was born and raised in Mexico City, and graduated from the National Center of Contemporary Dance with a B.F.A. in Contemporary Dance, majoring in Stage Production. Tanya’s background as a Spanish teacher comes from Waldorf education, which deepened her understanding of human development and provided her with the skills to design and deliver holistic education. She has developed Spanish curricula for a variety of settings and age groups. Tanya is an Anusara-Inspired™ yoga teacher. She loves to practice yoga and spend time with her family. Together they enjoy biking, hiking, running, swimming and cooking.


Classes Teaching


In this two-year program, students will learn about concepts related to physical, mental, emotional and social health. Students will develop skills to establish a healthy lifestyle and healthy relationships. Students will learn practical life skills, and develop skills to help them make informed and conscious choices that promote wellness.    
Yoga Elective

In this elective class, students will learn to develop skills that will allow them to experience their life in a more calm and balanced way. Through the practice of yoga, mindfulness and meditation, students will learn to develop healthy patterns in relationship to their body, mind and community. Because of the nature of working with the body, students will learn to be in the present moment and take the opportunity to modify and improve, as well as integrating their mind, body and breath mindfully and harmoniously. Students will learn how to align and move their body safely as they understand the mechanics of the body. This class aims to provide a respectful space where students can connect with other students in a supportive and caring environment. This class meets once a week.