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Tara Morgan

Special Education Aide

With a background in democratic and social justice education, Ms. Morgan has pursued a B.A. degree in Selected Studies in Education from Syracuse University.  Associated with the Cultural Foundations of Education program, Selected Studies is a progressive and nationally recognized interdisciplinary program supporting inquiry into the nature of education and social inequality.  

Ms. Morgan’s research and studies in education center on inclusion, disability, race and racism, identity and difference, democratic process and feminist theory.  Her research work includes publications on violence against LGBTQ individuals, systemic inequality and the life experiences of low-income/single parent families.  

Over the past decade, Ms. Morgan has taught/lectured to a wide range of audiences including parents, teachers and college students in both public and private school settings and is very excited to join the staff at New Roots Charter School as a Special Education aide during the 2016/2017 school year.



-Earth Science Systems
-Health and Wellness