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Verdiana Wagner

Earth Systems Science Teacher

Verdi first became interested in teaching when she became a teaching assistant for a middle school academic enrichment program she attended. After high school, Verdi completed her bachelors in Biology (with a specialization in endocrinology) and her MAT in Secondary Biology at the University of Chicago's Urban Teacher Education Program. She strongly believes that teachers are responsible for shaping human beings; they should encourage kindness, grit, courage, and curiosity in their students, along with making sure that their students are aware of important social and cultural issues within society.



Courses Teaching

Earth Systems Science: Living Environment

A course that blends together earth science and life science. Students will explore ecosystems, nutrient cycles, genetics, evolution, and human body systems through their participation in class activities, discussions, laboratory activities, and field work. Students are encouraged to use their natural sense of curiosity of the world around them to guide their thinking through their coursework.