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Todd Ayoung


Todd Ayoung is a multi-media/medium visual artist who specializes in two- and three-dimensional design. At the art school Pratt Institute in NYC, he has been an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Foundation Art for over 5 years. Todd in the past has taught Art History, Critical Theory and Studio Art, at New York University, University of New Haven, Rochester University, Cooper Union and Lafayette College and The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen, Denmark.

He has exhibited in Europe, Latin America, and throughout the U.S. Todd received his M.F.A. from Yale University in sculpture, and did post graduate work at the Whitney Museum of American Art's Independent Study Program in critical theory and studio art. Todd sees his role at New Roots as facilitating students' development of visual literacy and helping them decipher, and ultimately contribute to, the larger notion of what constitutes visual culture.

This understanding will guide the students to an engaged understanding of how we perceive ourselves, others, and the environment, with the goal of a social justice and ecological approach to visual perception.


Classes Teaching

Studio Class

TC3 Painting Class